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online executive mba in entrepreneurship

Updated at : November 20, 2023

Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has emerged as a significant force fueling global innovation and economic progress. Aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned business professionals, and even corporate executives increasingly understand the need for specific knowledge and abilities in entrepreneurship. Pursuing an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in Entrepreneurship has become more accessible and convenient than ever, thanks to online education's rise.

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12 - 24 Months

Eligibility info

Graduation + Work Experience

An online EMBA in Entrepreneurship is a 12 to 18 months long program that combines business knowledge, strategic thinking, and an entrepreneurial approach. This program is intended to provide individuals with the tools and insights needed to create and build successful businesses, inspire innovation within existing companies, and drive long-term company growth in a fast-changing business world.

An online EMBA in Entrepreneurship program is intended to fully grasp the entrepreneurial process, from ideation to implementation. Students learn about opportunities, market analysis, company modelling, funding options, and venture scaling. They also learn leadership, strategic management, innovation management, and entrepreneurial finance skills, all necessary for managing the obstacles and possibilities of becoming an entrepreneur.

One of the advantages of pursuing an online EMBA in Entrepreneurship is the opportunity to connect with a worldwide network of fellow entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and experienced faculty members. Students may interact with like-minded individuals worldwide, exchange ideas, and acquire vital insights into various business ecosystems through online conversations, virtual collaborations, and networking opportunities. Exposure to various ideas and experiences helps widen horizons and build a more comprehensive grasp of the entrepreneurial world. 

An online EMBA in Entrepreneurship provides flexibility, enabling working professionals to coordinate their studies with their job and home obligations. This implies that potential entrepreneurs can embark on their entrepreneurial path without interfering with their current job or company activities. Because online learning is asynchronous, students may access course materials and interact with their classmates and instructors at their leisure.

Online EMBA in Entrepreneurship incorporates case studies, real-world projects, and simulations to give practical insights and improve problem-solving abilities. Students are frequently allowed to work on their company concepts or advise open businesses, using their knowledge and abilities from the curriculum in real-world circumstances. This hands-on approach guarantees that graduates have the practical tools and entrepreneurial mentality required to transform their ideas into profitable enterprises.

Key Highlights of Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship

The following are the highlights of an online EMBA in Entrepreneurship:

  • The curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of prospective entrepreneurs and professionals who want to develop entrepreneurial thinking inside existing firms.
  • The online format allows students to study at their speed and on their own time, allowing them to balance their job and personal obligations.
  • Reputable organisations such as, FIS (USA), IQAS, and CES (Canada) have recognised the program as "Equivalent to Masters's degree" in the United States and Canada.
  • The EMBA is taught by experienced industry professionals who offer real-world insights and knowledge to the program, guaranteeing a practical and application-oriented approach to learning.
  • The program provides 100% European ECTS credits, giving the degree international recognition and legitimacy.
  • Students are tested using project-based projects and multiple-choice questions, providing a thorough assessment of their abilities and knowledge.
  • The curriculum mixes live interactive courses with recorded lectures to provide a flexible learning experience that caters to various schedules and learning preferences.
  • Throughout their journey, students receive support, emphasising offering assistance, direction, and resources to guarantee a seamless learning experience.
  • Students may network with fellow entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and faculty worldwide, forging beneficial connections and partnerships.
  • The curriculum integrates hands-on experience tackling real-world entrepreneurial difficulties through case studies, projects, and simulations.
  • Students learn critical thinking and problem-solving abilities necessary for recognising and resolving business opportunities and difficulties.
  • Graduates can create businesses, join startups, work in innovation-driven enterprises, or drive entrepreneurial efforts inside established corporations.
  • Students can work on their company ideas or consult with genuine businesses, using their knowledge in real-world circumstances.

Topics you will learn in the Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship

The subjects incorporated in the online EMBA in data analytics course are a blend of theoretical & application-based topics. This updated & cutting-edge curriculum is highly beneficial in making you learn the latest business strategies for the value growth of your organisation. Some of the core topics of this program are listed here.

Leading People, Teams, and Organisations

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Business Accounting, Finance, and Economics

Strategic Economics

Marketing Strategy

Business Leadership and Strategy

Statistics and Data Analysis

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Finding the Problem-Solution fit

Finding the Product-Market Fit

Launching and Scaling up

Soft and Interview skills

Eligibility Requirements for Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship

The criteria for an Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship may differ from one university to the next. However, here are some examples of frequent qualifying criteria:

  • Candidates should have a bachelor's degree from a recognised university. Although the subject of study varies, a background in business or a related discipline is frequently desired.
  • Many Executive MBA programs require applicants to have 5 to 10 years of professional job experience or more. These criteria guarantee that candidates have significant managerial or entrepreneurial experience.
  • Some programs may particularly recruit students with managerial expertise in addition to general job experience. 
  • Applicants are frequently expected to provide letters of recommendation from persons who can speak to their professional accomplishments, leadership potential, and program appropriateness.
  • Proof of English language competence may be required for overseas candidates or non-native English speakers. This is usually shown through standardised examinations like the TOEFL or IELTS.

Duration of the Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship

The Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship program usually lasts 12 to 18 months. This compressed timetable enables busy professionals to get the essential skills and knowledge in a very short amount of time. The program is meant to provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers fundamental themes in entrepreneurship while fitting working folks' schedules and obligations. 

Students may swiftly obtain experience in entrepreneurial strategies, company planning, leadership, and other crucial areas through a targeted and intensive learning method, equipping them to drive innovation and flourish in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

Admission Process for Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship

The following steps are commonly involved in the admission process for an Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship:

  • Step 1: Begin by filling out the online application form on the institution's website. As needed, provide accurate personal, educational, and professional information.
  • Step 2: The university will determine your eligibility based on your educational history, job experience, and any program-specific prerequisites.
  • Step 3: Gather and submit any required supporting papers, including academic transcripts, resumes/CVs, letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, and English language proficiency test results, if applicable.
  • Step 4: Pay the necessary application fee to the institution. This charge defrays the administrative costs of processing your application.
  • Step 5: The admissions committee will carefully examine your application, considering aspects such as academic accomplishments, professional experience, leadership potential, and compatibility with the program's objectives.
  • Step 6: Interviews may be conducted by some institutions to further examine your eligibility for the program. The interview might be in person, over the phone, or via video conference.
  • Step 7: After completing the evaluation procedure, you will get an admission decision. If your application is approved, you will receive an official offer letter describing the following stages.
  • Step 8: After accepting the admission offer, you must complete the enrollment procedure by providing the needed papers and paying the program's tuition costs before the deadline.

It is crucial to note that certain colleges' admission processes may vary, so it is best to visit the institution's website or call the admissions office for more information.

Career Scope After Getting an Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship

Individuals with a passion for innovation and business acumen who pursue an Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship can open up a world of interesting professional opportunities. You can find some of the top recruiting firms for the individuals who pursue this program. This specialised curriculum uniquely combines entrepreneurial education and business leadership, preparing aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals to navigate today's complicated business world.

With an emphasis on practical application and strategic thinking, the curriculum prepares students to create businesses, drive corporate innovation, or flourish in leadership roles. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, a company leader, or a change agent, an Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship will provide you with the knowledge, network, and confidence you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of business and entrepreneurship. Here are some of the job prospects after this program: 

Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

Business Leadership and Management

Consultancy and Advisory Services

Business Development and Strategy

Corporate Innovation

Academic and Research Roles 

Social Entrepreneurship 

Venture Capital and Investmen

Let's clear up some doubts about Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship

Yes, many Online Executive MBA Entrepreneurship programs accept applicants from various backgrounds. While prior business experience is advantageous, these programs frequently provide thorough coursework and hands-on learning experiences to give students the skills and knowledge required to prosper in the entrepreneurial world. 

An Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship is designed for those who want to advance their entrepreneurial and business leadership capabilities. Hands-on learning, practical case studies, and real-world applications in entrepreneurship are often emphasised. Traditional MBA programs provide a more comprehensive curriculum that covers many facets of company management.

Pursuing an Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship has various benefits, including the ability to study while maintaining your professional responsibilities. It provides specialised expertise in entrepreneurship, preparing you to recognise and capitalise on business opportunities, devise creative strategies, and overcome the hurdles of beginning and expanding a firm. 

An online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship can help you advance your career dramatically. It provides the information, skills, and mentality needed to succeed in entrepreneurial endeavours, company leadership roles, or even corporate environments that encourage innovative thinking and strategic decision-making. 

The curriculum gives you a solid foundation in areas including business strategy, finance, marketing, and operations, allowing you to pursue a variety of career pathways in start-ups, existing enterprises, consultancy, or venture capital.

Yes, companies often favour Online Executive MBA degrees in Entrepreneurship from reputed colleges. These programs frequently adhere to stringent academic requirements and offer extensive curricula tailored to industry demands.

Yes, one of the key goals of an Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship is to provide students with the information and abilities required to start and run their businesses.

The length of an Online Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship might vary based on the program and the individual. These programs are often designed to be finished in 12 to 24 months, allowing working professionals to mix their studies with their present responsibilities.

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